Back Atcha is the story of a family company making a difference through recycling.

The Family Company before Back Atcha

In 1950, Mildred and Chris Christensen opened Christensen Oil, a 24-hour Truck Stop in Concordia, Kansas. The popular business consisted of a restaurant, bunks, showers, fuel, and mechanics who serviced truckers, farmers, and members of the local community. 

Around 1960, Ron Champlin, a son, purchased the company.  Due to his growing family, he removed the 24-hour services and opened a tire retail and retreading business. Ron’s sons, Gary and Corey Champlin, have worked for the family business for over 40 years.  As a result, the brothers have an in-depth understanding of the tire and scrap rubber industry.

Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture Appears

In 1992, the two brothers and their long-time friend, Scott Woellhof, created Champlin Tire Recycling Inc.  This company specializes in tire retreading services, agricultural products, rubber reclamation, as well as the production of Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture.  Because the owners witnessed the large amount of plastic and rubber ending up in landfills,  the team sought to find ways to recycle the rubber and plastic. 

Back Atcha Today

Today, the company is still located in Concordia, Kansas.  At this time, the fourth generation of the Champlin family now works alongside 40 other employees.  Like the name suggests, Back Atcha takes discarded plastics and rubber and creates eco-friendly solutions for the benefit of future generations.  

For instance, one 8-foot park bench is made from the equivalent of 1,100 plastic bottles and the rubber of 6 car tires.  That is a lot of rubber and plastic saved from the landfills!

Back Atcha Outdoor benches and picnic tables not only look great, they are 100% recycled material, weather resistant, durable, and easily cleaned with water. Therefore, Back Atcha benches and tables work perfectly in state parks, public schools, city parks, and around the home. Above all,  Back Atcha is a smart and eco-friendly choice for outdoor furniture needs.

Back Atcha Champlin Tire Recycling Owners

Back Atcha Owners: Gary Champlin, Scott Woellhof, Corey Champlin

Photo taken for Scrap Magazine / ISRI

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