We have years of experience in custom engraving our back atcha park benches

back atcha engraved grey bench

 IMAGE: Close up view of engraved Grey bench with Green text.  The engraving process is meticulous and the finished product is always professional, clean, and beautiful!

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Back Atcha has years of experience customizing and personalizing engraved memorial park benches, buddy benches, and customized 6 and 8 foot long park benches for our customers.  We take special pride in these products as we understand that Memorial Benches are especially meaningful to our customers.

Engraved Park Benches are great holiday gifts and make a great donation idea to be enjoyed for years.  Back Atcha personalized engraved memorial park benches are often donated to be placed at a favorite school, church, community organization, or park.

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peronalized and engraved

Our team at Back Atcha is skilled at engraving memorial park benches backs’ with customized text.

Standard engraving is all capital letters, 3 1/2″ Franklin Gothic font.  The engraved text is painted in your choice of colors.

The two back planks of our Park Bench can be customized…

  • 6′ Park Bench – Up to 28 characters of text per plank.
  • Custom sizes available. Please contact us to coordinate a custom park bench size at sales@back-atcha.com .
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