Back Atcha Upgrade at Salisbury, Missouri Parks

Back Atcha Brown Park Benches in Salisbury, Missouri

What does Back Atcha and Salisbury Steak have in common? You may be surprised!

In 2016, it had come to the attention of many Salisbury City employees, that the the nature-loving and community-building citizens of the quaint town of Salisbury, Missouri wanted a change. You see, Salisbury is a town that prides itself in their beautiful outdoor recreational areas. And the City of Salisbury regularly hosts well-attended outdoor community and sporting events. One of the most loved annual Salisbury community events is the Salisbury Steak Festival.

Every June, Hundreds of families from the town and surrounding areas congregate together in the Salisbury City Park for a fun-filled weekend. The Salisbury Steak Festival includes parades, a pagent, shopping with local vendors, concerts, a beer garden, and of course…a Salisbury Steak Dinner hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce!

So what was causing many community members to want a change?? Apparently, the aluminum bench risers the city provided for seating were uncomfortable and hard to access for those with any kind of physical limitation. In addition, the wood picnic tables had started to splinter and rot. Creating a Salisbury Steak dining environment that was literally a pain in the…well you get the idea!

“In the past we would move aluminium bleachers for seating and it was hard for many to get up and down the bleachers. The new (Back Atcha) benches not only solved this but also added the comfort of a backrest. We couldn’t be happier with the product… We have been fortunate enough to replace every single wooden picnic table with these new (Back Atcha) tables over the last 2 years. The old tables were rotted and splintered so this has been a necessary upgrade for the saftey and enjoyment of our community members.” Courtney Cole, City Clerk, City of Salisbury.

And this is how Back Atcha came to the rescue! The City of Salisbury replaced their worn and uncomfortable seating options with new, comfortable, and environmentally friendly Back Atcha Park Benches and Picnic tables and the Community members are pleased!

“At our recent annual Steak Festival I had numerous citizens comment on the upgrade of the bench seating in front of the stage area and the new picnic tables under the shelter houses– everyone was well pleased.” – Stephen Kacvinsky, Mayor

“The addition of these environmentally responsible products are a part of the City of Salisbury’s ongoing effort to promote community wide recycling and environmentally responsible living.” City of Salisbury, Missouri Website.

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