The 6′ Memorial Park Bench 

Honor a loved one with a custom engraved park bench that can be enjoyed for years to come.  You may chose to CUSTOM ENGRAVE your Park Bench with a favorite quote or your family’s name…be creative!

Back Atcha manufactures Park Benches, Picnic Tables, and Trail Benches in the USA.

Our outdoor furniture products are made from 100% recycled plastics and rubber.  These materials, when combined, are inherently durable, weather resistant, and require very little maintenance.  Just spray down with water!  The Back Atcha Park Benches can be engraved with your choice of text and customized with colored text.  There are endless customized options, which make our product great gifts and beautiful additions to any outdoor area.  Our outdoor furniture products can be found in many State Parks and City Recreational area around the United States, as well as your neighbors’ front porches and backyards.  We pride ourselves in manufacturing in the USA and we always offer FREE SHIPPING on online orders!

Back atcha Benefits

Back Atcha Weatherproof outdoor furniture

Weather Resistant

Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture is made to withstand the outdoor elements.

Back Atcha Recycled Furniture Symbol

100% Recycled Material

Back Atcha Park Benches & Picnic Tables are made from 100% recycled plastics and rubber.

Back Atcha Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

We kept it simple for you! No need for seasonal upkeep. Easily cleans with water.

Durable Back Atcha Furniture


Back Atcha Outdoor Furniture packs a punch and are built to last!

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Back Atcha buddy Bench

Our custom engraved Buddy Bench is a very popular product with clients purchasing for City and School playgrounds. Moreover, they make great donation gifts from School Associations, Community Organizations, or individuals!

Many design options available
Back Atcha Bench Buddy Benches for Playgrounds and Parks

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6′ Buddy Bench


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3′ Park Bench


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3′ Trail Bench


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2′ Trail Bench


8' Park Bench Engraved

8′ Engraved Park Bench


Customized and Engraved Park Benches

6′ Memorial Park Bench